5 reasons why a used car buyer should invest in a pre-purchase car inspection

Investing in a pre-purchase car inspection is a wise decision for used car buyers. Here are five compelling reasons why it's beneficial.

Why buying a vehicle with more than 100,000 kms increases its risk of unreliability

It's no secret that all car buyers are looking for a great deal and it's usually vehicles with higher mileage that attract lower prices. So how many kilometers are too many kilometers when considering the purchase of a used car?

4 reasons why second hand European cars can be more unreliable choices for used car buyers

It is important to remember that European used cars do present some challenges for used car buyers, making them potentially more unreliable choices compared to other options.

The difference between a roadworthy certificate and a pre-purchase car inspection

A roadworthy certificate and a pre-purchase car inspection serve different purposes and are conducted at different stages of a vehicle's life.

Why purchasing an extended warranty for a used car is a good idea

Purchasing an extended warranty for a used car can be a smart decision for several reasons, offering added protection and peace of mind to the buyer:

Comprehensive report

You'll also receive a free CarHistory Report (valued at $36.95)

Vehicle information

Each report captures the make, model, and variant of the vehicle, including build, compliance and registration status.

Summary and findings

Understand the vehicles condition with our overall rating roll-up and inspector narrative.

Detailed photos

Explore and zoom in to the photos in the report with our interactive gallery.

Attention required

Easily & quickly identify which items require attention with our summary of low rating results.

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Used car pre purchase inspection

What's included

Our team is trained to deliver the best pre-purchase inspection available so that you can have peace of mind when purchasing a used car.

See car inspection locations
See car inspection locations
See car inspection locations
See car inspection locations
See car inspection locations
Body Condition
See car inspection locations
Track Driving
See car inspection locations
Road Test
See car inspection locations
CarHistory Report

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Fast Turnaround

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Completely Independent

Carinspect qualified mechanics work independently of any selling party, delivering you an unbiased report

Fully Qualified Mechanics

Fully qualified and fully insured. Carinspect mechanic’s are the experts

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"These folks are awesome! Very professional, responsive, caring and accommodating. They helped me avoid a lemon which I am grateful for! These peeps will be my go-to for car inspections. Fabulous."

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"If you are looking to get a pre-purchase car inspection you need to use this company! Zasch and Dion have checked two vehicles for my partner and I and have saved us thousands of dollars! Zasch was so kind and understanding of our situation and did everything he could to make our lives easier by catering to a very tight schedule.

By Jessica on February 24

"I needed a quite urgent examination and the team at Carinspect went out of their way to assist. Prompt and professional. Telephone liaison was fantastic. I recommend this company."

By Crai on March 3

"Customer service was exceptional. They made the whole process really quick and simple. Highly recommend!"

By Peter on March 16

"Made the experience of buying a second hand car so comfortable.. awesome prompt service.. so professional.. would recommend to everyone"

By Roger on March 10, 2021

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